Enterprise history
Creating brilliance again
Huixin strives to achieve the value and goals of the enterprise in the next five years through the continuous expansion and improvement of the team and platform
Accumulate steadily
·Received high-tech enterprise certificate
·Received multiple patent certificates
·Create more overseas markets
Carry on the past and open up the future
·Huixin's operation and production base expanded to more than 10000 square meters
·Huixin has accumulated more than 80 cooperative chain brands (including entertainment, catering, supermarkets and enterprises)
·Six Huixin strategic cooperation platform enterprises carry forward the past and open up the future
Work hard
· Won the award of outstanding video display solution provider in China's entertainment industry
· Won a number of national utility model patents and software copyright certificates
· China's first smart hotel smart TV was born
· Independently developed, suitable for entertainment and commercial display industry, party room and advertising information screen release narrow-edge, small-seam, large-size commercial display products 75, 85, 98, 100 inch single screen with 1.7-7.5mm black edge.
Bilateral stitching 3.5mm-15mm stitching gap.
Continuous sublimation
· Won the Chinese entertainment industry outstanding video display system supplier
· More than 20 tour exhibition conference across the country, will continue to sublimate Huixin brand
· Won the national 3AAA credit enterprise
· Won the national contract trustworthy enterprise
Forge ahead
· More than 30 touring exhibitions and conferences have been held across the country, and the br
and of Huixin has been continuously upgraded
· China National Compulsory Product Certification Certificate (3C Certificate)
· Won the ISO Quality management system certification enterprise
Ready to go
·Huixin was established, and the core team has accumulated over ten years of potential and is ready to focus on the research and development, production, and sales of intelligent display products
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